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Gate - Saturday Night Fever

"Saturday Night Fever" takes the concept of the movie of the same name and stretches the night a bit later, the fever a bit higher to the point where the party ends up blending into something much more sinister and wild. What starts out as a disco drumbeat with funky guitar swagger and melodic horns, may slowly deteriorate into some sort of corroded ambient loop that eventually morphs into melodic horn samples..

Read more of Pete Swanson's words, listen to the record and pre-order it here

Posted on January 31st, 2016
Black Dirt Oak & Jantar - Presage 12"

You might remember Black Dirt Oak from that incredible LP we released last year called 'Wawayanda Patent' and you will probably not have heard of Jantar as their only other physical release is the tiny run & free LP, Suit Withers, but you should really be making amends to this fact quickly.

This is the new split 12" by the two bands and its unsurprisingly incredible. Limited to 300 copies and then its gone. Finit. 

"The two sides of Presage are distinct but describe in tandem the elemental contours of a shared world: namely, that of Black Dirt Studio and these musicians, some of whom have been recording here in other more familiar constellations for a decade now. Like the Dog Star Sirius, whose heliacal rising presages the wet season of planting and fertility, this twin system also rises, and hopefully augurs well for continued fertility and sonic flooding upon the plains of the lush Wawayanda region and this proven studio." - Rob Smith

£12 plus P&P from here .

And pick up this 12" and the Pigeons - The Bower LP both fro £20 plus p&p here 

Posted on June 7th, 2015
Pigeons - The Bower, out on MIE in May.

MIE has had a little hiatus but we do still have 4 new records at the pressing plant right now and RSD delays aside (boy are they big) we should e getting back into the swing of it. Arriving at the end of May is an enchanting LP by the band Pigeons entitled The Bower. Known primarily as the duo of Wednesday Knudsen (guitar, woodwinds, vocals) and Clark Griffin (bass), they have grown to a three-piece for this LP with the addition of Rob Smith (drums, harmony vocals). The music has also taken on a more sylvan quality, perhaps due to their home / recording studio The Bower in Austerlitz near Hudson, New York.

Limited to 500 LPs and out on May the 29th. Read more and pre-order it here .

Posted on March 31st, 2015
Áine O'Dwyer - Music For Church Cleaners vol. I and II 2LP

We're extremely excited to be releasing the epic and extended vinyl issue of the stunning Music for Church Cleaners Vol I & II by Áine O'Dwyer. On the 19th January 2015 500 copies of this 2LP will be available in wonderful gatefold artwork. The original version sold out two runs of cassettes on the Fort Evil Fruit label so we're extremely pleased to be able to get this record out on vinyl for the first time.

For some excellent words about the release and to pre-order please click here

Posted on December 8th, 2014
The MIE inner (ear) sanctum

Tonight we've finally launched the MIEI(E)S or the MIE inner (ear) sanctum.

Read all about it here.

If you just want to pick up every release on MIE and don't want the hassle of making sure you order it in rtime before we sell out then this might be for you. If you want to get a nice discount on every release and get a few free things along the way then this could be for you. If you want to support MIE and to be instrumental in helping us to continue releasing these great records for all the artists we’re so proud to work with then please step on in.

How it works: You send us any amount of money, between £50 & £300, either by paypal, cheque, bank transfer or cash. In exchange, I’ll send every MIE release, (be it lathe, LP, T shirt, book, or anything else we might release). That comes out of your credit until it runs out. Our single LPs normally cost £12 in the store but you’ll only be charged £10. Likewise 2LPs cost £16 in the store but for subscribers will only cost £14. All other items will also be £2 less than our store price. Shipping per parcel in the UK will be £3.50 for all packages up to 1kg, and EU and US prices will be at their standard rates, which will also be deducted from your credit.

All new subscribers will receive either a free t-shirt of their choice or a free single LP from the back catalogue. You can additionally order past releases to be sent with your upcoming releases too, and really fill that 1kg postage band in the UK!

To join up to the program please contact us in our contact form here and we’ll get straight onto it.

Posted on February 5th, 2014