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Pigeons - The Bower, out on MIE in May.

MIE has had a little hiatus but we do still have 4 new records at the pressing plant right now and RSD delays aside (boy are they big) we should e getting back into the swing of it. Arriving at the end of May is an enchanting LP by the band Pigeons entitled The Bower. Known primarily as the duo of Wednesday Knudsen (guitar, woodwinds, vocals) and Clark Griffin (bass), they have grown to a three-piece for this LP with the addition of Rob Smith (drums, harmony vocals). The music has also taken on a more sylvan quality, perhaps due to their home / recording studio The Bower in Austerlitz near Hudson, New York.

Limited to 500 LPs and out on May the 29th. Read more and pre-order it here .

Posted on March 31st, 2015