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The MIE inner (ear) sanctum

Thank you very much for considering to join the MIEI(E)S, and yes, this is unashamedly and utterly inspired by the excellent and legendary Mississippi Records and their Community Supported Records program.

I’ve had a fair few people get in touch recently asking if they could help support the label and at the same time join a subscription service. So this is my attempt at sorting something that will help people not miss any of our releases, get a nice discount per release (new and old) as well as a couple of nice free things along the way. Not to mention the knowledge that you’re supporting the label and being instrumental in helping us to continue releasing these great records for all the artists we’re so proud to work with.

Everyone who joins up will receive each MIE release as it comes out. You will be guaranteed copies of every release, no matter how limited the pressing. The records will be shipped immediately upon their arrival at MIE, and probably before any stores get them.  

How it works: You send us any amount of money, between £50 & £300, either by paypal, cheque, bank transfer or cash. In exchange, I’ll send every MIE release, (be it lathe, LP, T shirt, book, or anything else we might release). That comes out of your credit until it runs out. Our single LPs normally cost £12 in the store but you’ll only be charged £10. Likewise 2LPs cost £16 in the store but for subscribers will only cost £14. All other items will also be £2 less than our store price. Shipping per parcel in the UK will be £3.50 for all packages up to 1kg, and EU and US prices will be at their standard rates, which will also be deducted from your credit.

All new subscribers will receive either a free t-shirt of their choice or a free single LP from the back catalogue. You can additionally order past releases to be sent with your upcoming releases too, and really fill that 1kg postage band in the UK!

To join up to the program please contact us in our contact form here and we’ll get straight onto it.

Our release schedule at the moment tentatively looks like we’ve got another 10 releases coming out this year with the distinct possibility of more appearing. If you have more questions about the label or absolutely anything else then don’t hesitate to ask us.

The next ones you could look forward to hearing are from Claypipe, Gang Wizard, Tom Carter & Pat Murano, Áine O’Dwyer, Gate, and Mike & Cara Gangloff.

If you want to change your mind or are not happy with the service then we’ll refund all your remaining money straight away. You can return a release you don’t like, you just need to pay for the shipping and we’ll credit your account when it arrives back safely with us.

You can sign anyone up to the service, so it’s a great gift, and you can request multiples of the same release if you want back ups/gifts for friends or wish to team up with a friend and save on shipping.

So come join the Inner Sanctum! We’re eternally grateful for all your support at MIE HQ and hope you’re looking forward to 2014’s releases as much as we are.