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Black Dirt Oak & Jantar - Presage 12"

You might remember Black Dirt Oak from that incredible LP we released last year called 'Wawayanda Patent' and you will probably not have heard of Jantar as their only other physical release is the tiny run & free LP, Suit Withers, but you should really be making amends to this fact quickly.

This is the new split 12" by the two bands and its unsurprisingly incredible. Limited to 300 copies and then its gone. Finit. 

"The two sides of Presage are distinct but describe in tandem the elemental contours of a shared world: namely, that of Black Dirt Studio and these musicians, some of whom have been recording here in other more familiar constellations for a decade now. Like the Dog Star Sirius, whose heliacal rising presages the wet season of planting and fertility, this twin system also rises, and hopefully augurs well for continued fertility and sonic flooding upon the plains of the lush Wawayanda region and this proven studio." - Rob Smith

£12 plus P&P from here .

And pick up this 12" and the Pigeons - The Bower LP both fro £20 plus p&p here 

Posted on June 7th, 2015