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Hey Colossus - Cuckoo Lives Life Like Cuckoo

Stream two tracks from Hey Colossus' Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo released next Monday! Then go read this stellar review of the album on the Quietus, HERE.

Then go see them at one of the following dates:

16th April, Corsica Studios, London.

25th April, Le Cafe De Paris, Paris.

26th April, Le Garage, Liege.

27th April, La Malterie, Lille.

3rd May, Undertone, Cardiff.

4th May, The Crypt, St John The Baptist Church, Bristol.

Posted on March 27th, 2013
Stream Alastair Galbraith's Cry

It's out this week so stream it in full from our soundcloud page, then go order it here

Posted on March 21st, 2013
MIE in March

Welcome to the first MIE newsletter of the year. Slightly late, I know, sorry, but we've got so much to talk about I'm going to be brief then let the good stuff roll.

If you look further down this page you'll see updates on our two upcoming releases 'Cry' by Alastair Galbraith on LP and 'Cuckoo live life like Cuckoo' by Hey Colossus on LP/CD. Then you'll see extremely exciting news about our forthcoming repressing of the now long gone Effigy 2LP by Pelt. We've also started a limited lathe edition, pressed by the great Peter King in New Zealand with lovely marbled covers by yours truly, our Richard Youngs 7" has come and gone, we've got one (none) left of the Hallock Hill 7" and a Decimus 12" to come. Then we've got our recent LP by Koboku Senju 'Joining the queue to become on of those ordinary ghosts' up to stream in its entireity. 

Thanks for reading and most importantly thanks for keeping on ordering and enjoying our releases. 

Henry MIE

Alastair Galbraith - Cry LP

Pre-Order it now here

"Cry represented the peak of Galbraith's stellar solo journeys... the melding of complex emotions and intuitive experimentation was about as close to perfection as music can get" Marc Masters, The Wire

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that MIE will be releasing Cry by the underground legend of New Zealand, Alastair Galbraith, for the first time on vinyl in March 2013. 

Cry was recorded in a shed at Taieri Mouth between 1998 and 2000 and then released by Emperor Jones on CD in 2000. Alastair has always been one of the most admired yet paradoxically ignored musicians from the New Zealand underground since he first started out in The Rip on Flying Nun Records in the early 1980s. Having already worked with the incredibly talented New Zealander otherwise known as Michael Morley, it seemed natural for MIE’s next step to go on to work with Alastair on getting one of his finest records issued for the first time on vinyl. 

Listening to the immensely personal and intimate Cry is like looking directly into the furthest recesses of Galbraith’s mind. Weaving the fabric of the record with guitar, violin, organ, and vulnerable murmurs, frequently reversing and inverting instruments through 4-track manipulations, Cry is at once haunting and unsettling. Alastair creates an incredibly complex mindscape with tenebrous drones, hushed lilted words and a sense of deep warmth pulling you further and further into the innermost intricacies of his world. Submerged deep within this world you start to see the faint rays of light and hope which have earned this record its place in New Zealand’s musical landscape. 

Issued on vinyl for the first time in a run of 500 LPs and available digitally. Original artwork by Alastair Galbraith. Mastered by Craig Stewart. 

Hey Colossus - Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo


Now in their tenth year the band have been gathering plaudits and accumulating new fans with every release, and after playing to thousands at Supersonic Festival last year, things are accelerating at an even faster pace.

As with each album release, Hey Colossus continue to mutate and for their eighth album they have enlisted the support of a new drummer, Part Chimp guitar/vox man, Tim Cedar, who has undoubtedly brought a whole new kind of energy that has reinvigorated the band. When the rhythm section takes a shot to the bow it’s only natural for the game to change. But long term supporters need not worry, they're still heavy, still got the same vibe, only now they are focused in a fresh way.

Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo was recorded live to tape throughout 2012 in Dropout Studios, South London, by Mr. Westminster Brown, mastered by James Plotkin. For this recording, Hey Colossus opt for a hefty hi-fi sound when previously they were drenched in Lo-fi fuzz. Now there is room to breathe when before they were utterly unrelenting. Tape loops and walls of noise created by bass and drum rhythmic klang, dual vocals, and three guitars are supplemented by a variety of instruments including the bağlama saz, turntables and synths - adding a whole new dynamic to their sound. These are signs of a band who are playing with their ears open and it's all systems go.

Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo will be released on CD, digitally and in a run of 500 LPs with artwork by the band on 1 April via MIE. 

“UK noise rock is going through a particularly healthy period at the moment, with RRR being a perfect example of its pith, piss, vinegar and vigour." – John Doran, The Quietus

“Sounds like TV sets being dropped into a vat of boiling oil while Can rehearse Moonshake in the adjoining room” – Keith Moline, The Wire

Pelt - Effigy 2LP

It was Pelt's year last year, a stunning epic of a 2LP and a load of sublime shows in the UK, capped off with Effigy being made The Liminal's number one record of 2012. We sold out of the first pressing of 500 2LPs in a couple of months and we're now repressing the record. The band wanted to do something different so this time the artwork by Jake Blanchard has been saturated heavily and is a real joy to behold. We are taking orders again on the 2LP and all physical orders will be shipped in April.

Order it here

MIE Lathe Series

The Richard Youngs 7" lathe before they all got sent off. Don't they look ace. They're now avaibale to buy digitally from the store. Hallock Hill's 7" is also sold out but Volcanic Tongue will have very limited copies

And we've just put up the next release in the edition. This is a 12" lathe by Decimus (Pat Murano from No Neck Blues Band) and is 35 mins of incredible brooding dark electronics. This available to pre-order here now and we'll ship in the next month. Only 10 left!

Koboku Senju - Joining the queue to become one of those ordinary ghosts LP

Order Now here

"Intensity and power don't always require volume and ferocity. There's a slow savagery about the music of this Japanese-Norwegian quintet that positions each of the LP's two lengthgy pieces somewhere closer to an immersive noise set than an Improv session'- Daniel Spicer, The Wire.

!Low Stock Warnings!

Gate - The Dew Line 2LP - under 25 copies

Richard Youngs - Amaranthine LP - under 60 copies

Hallock Hill - The Union | A Hem of Evening - under 50 copies.

MIE Tshirt - 

Mens Large 9 left

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Posted on March 20th, 2013
A New Look

I've decided that after using the nice new look web store for the last few months that the proper website was in need of a bit of a refresh. I hope that this swish minimal style website is a bit clearer and clutter free. Over the years we've stopped doing the shows and are now focusing on the label side of things so hopefully the site will be easy for everyone just wanting good music. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions with the new site!

Over to the left you'll be able to access the store, click through our to Soundcloud page, see our old shows, read a bit about us, and contact us.

I'll be repopulating the recent news and will hopefully use this news/journal thing a bit more often than before! Look out for up to date news, photos, mixes, whatever else might happen here


Henry MIE

Posted on March 11th, 2013