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Pelt, Richard Youngs, United Bible Studies and more live in London, 16/11/14.

On Sunday the 16th November 2014 we're extremely happy to be putting on an extended MIE celebration with some of our favourite artists and friends.

The line-up is Pelt, Richard Youngs, United Bible Studies, and Nathan Bowles, Mike Gangloff and Patrick Best (all from Pelt) playing solo sets in some form. And we might even have some more surprises waiting.

St Pancras Old Church, a few minutes walk from Kings Cross and one of the oldest churches in the UK, will be a stunning setting for this show. More info on the venue can be found here

Doors will be at 5pm. The church will provide a bar and there are lot of places to eat nearby. Curfew by 11pm.

More info and timings will be coming in the next few weeks.

Tickets are available for £10 in advance and £12 on the door. If bought through LimitedRun they will have a very small booking fee and a Wegottickets link will be available soon.

Tickets available here

Posted on September 14th, 2014
Tom Carter & Pat Murano - Four Infernal Rivers

I'm pretty amazingly excited to finally be releasing this complete scorcher of a record. Out on the 16/6/14 will be Tom Carter & Pat Murano's Four Infernal Rivers on a gatefold 2LP with digital d/l.

Read words by Matt Krefting and then pre-order the record over here

And you can listen to the track Phlegethon from the record over on NTS Radio where we played some exclusive tracks on the Kit Records radio show last Sunday. Listen to them all here. (Fans of Black Dirt Oak might also want to have a listen)

Posted on May 15th, 2014
Gang Wizard - Important Picnic

Gang Wizard celebrates it's 19th year with it's fifth proper full length LP, Important Picnic, on MIE. Mike Landucci started the band in 1995 with his brother Tom, and Jacob Anderson (Spirit Duplicator, Yuma Nora) joined shortly after. Christopher Breedon started drumming for them in 98, and those three have formed the core of the band ever since. Dozens of notable musicians have come and gone since, most importantly Brian Miller (Foot Village) who gains a mastering credit on this album, and Rob Enbom (Hospitals, Eat Skull), who, with Landucci and Anderson, took the band on an unexpected detour into more degenerative psych-noise terrain (think Amon Duul I), and as far as a European tour in 2007. 

Released in a edition of 300 LPs and digitally on March the 3rd. 

Pre-Order it now here  

Posted on February 12th, 2014
The MIE inner (ear) sanctum

Tonight we've finally launched the MIEI(E)S or the MIE inner (ear) sanctum.

Read all about it here.

If you just want to pick up every release on MIE and don't want the hassle of making sure you order it in rtime before we sell out then this might be for you. If you want to get a nice discount on every release and get a few free things along the way then this could be for you. If you want to support MIE and to be instrumental in helping us to continue releasing these great records for all the artists we’re so proud to work with then please step on in.

How it works: You send us any amount of money, between £50 & £300, either by paypal, cheque, bank transfer or cash. In exchange, I’ll send every MIE release, (be it lathe, LP, T shirt, book, or anything else we might release). That comes out of your credit until it runs out. Our single LPs normally cost £12 in the store but you’ll only be charged £10. Likewise 2LPs cost £16 in the store but for subscribers will only cost £14. All other items will also be £2 less than our store price. Shipping per parcel in the UK will be £3.50 for all packages up to 1kg, and EU and US prices will be at their standard rates, which will also be deducted from your credit.

All new subscribers will receive either a free t-shirt of their choice or a free single LP from the back catalogue. You can additionally order past releases to be sent with your upcoming releases too, and really fill that 1kg postage band in the UK!

To join up to the program please contact us in our contact form here and we’ll get straight onto it.

Posted on February 5th, 2014
Claypipe - A Daylight Blessing

MIE are delighted to be releasing ‘A Daylight Blessing’, the 7th record by Claypipe, the New Zealand noise/drone/pop duo of Antony Milton and Clayton Noone on March 3rd 2014. The record will be released in a run of 300 LPs, available on vinyl and digitally. The record has been mastered by James Plotkin and will come in silkscreen sleeve made out of recycled card. 


Posted on January 31st, 2014