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Pelt, Mike Gangloff with Matt Peyton, Nathan Bowles, Spiral Joy Band live in London 17/18/2/2017 AND Pelt & Mike & Cara Gangloff with Matt Peyton 10" !

Two years later and they're coming back.

17th and 18th February 2017 at Cafe Oto in London.


Mike Gangloff with Matt Peyton

Nathan Bowles (Friday)

Spiral Joy Band (Saturday)

To celebrate this fact we are releasing a mailorder and tour only 10" with Pelt and Mike & Cara Gangloff with Matt Peyton.

Read up and buy tickets and buy the 10" here:

Friday the 17th February

Saturday the 18th February

Pelt / Mike & Cara Gangloff with Matt Peyton 10"

Posted on December 20th, 2016
Hey Colossus - Dedicated to Uri Klangers 2LP


In 2015 Hey Colossus released two albums on Rocket Recordings, In Black and Gold in February and Radio Static High in October. Dedicated to Uri Klangers is a look back. It's best summed up by the 3000 words that can be found on the inner sleeve of the record, the tale begins: "The 2xLP comp that's in your hands now was initially released on cassette by S.O.U.L for our 10th anniversary show, September 2013, about 50 tapes were made and sold on the night. We thought a BEST OF would be hilarious. We were average at that show and I'm being generous. I'd give us 5.5/10. A shame. Hacker Farm and Helm also played. It was at The Sebright Arms in London, somewhere out East....."

The cassette sat in the MIE car for three years, soundtracking journeys back and forth across the country. When a new car was bought, criminally minus a tape deck, the decision was made to put it on vinyl.

Posted on November 14th, 2016
Dreamboat - Dreamboat LP

Dreamboat is the collaboration between dream-folk singer / guitarist Ilyas Ahmed and the lunar-inclined analog synthesizer/processed bass clarinet duo Golden Retriever (Matt Carlson / Jonathan Sielaff ).

Imagine Tim Buckley sitting in on the first Cluster recording session or Neil Young with the Taj Mahal Travelers as Crazy Horse covering Popol Vuh and you are almost there.

Read more and pre-order it now here

Posted on February 13th, 2016
Coypu - Floating

A stunning cover for a stunning record by the band Coypu featuring members of Six Organs Of Admittance, Larsen and more. Read all about it and pre-order it here.

Posted on January 31st, 2016
Rhyton - Navigating By Starlight

MIE is out of this world to be working with Rhyton on their new LP 'Navigating by Starlight'. Having worked with the trio Dave Shuford, Jimy Seitang and Rob Smith on various Black Dirt Oak releases and Rob on the Pigeons LP too it was great to be able to get to work with them together in their Rhyton guise. It will be released in glossy tip-on sleeves for the decadent look and comes with d/l codes and will be released on the Winter Solstice, 22nd December.

Click through for Byron Coley's words and to order it here

Posted on January 31st, 2016