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Pelt / Mike & Cara Gangloff with Matt Peyton MIE 043

A label and tour exclusive split 10" from Pelt and Mike & Cara Gangloff with Matt Peyton.

The 10" sees Pelts first new release since Effigy on MIE back in 2012, a long time ago. And Mike & Cara Gangloff in a much more stripped back version of their American Popular songbook form accompanied by Matt Peyton.

MIE is organising a small UK and Belgian tour for Pelt and its associated artists and this 10" will help fund the tour!

We should receive the records in time for the tour Mid-Feb but all digital copies will be sent out from the 25th Dec.



  1. At the Presto I
  2. Blind Man's Lament
  3. Someone to Watch Over Me
  4. At the Presto II
  5. Oblique