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Nathan Bowles & Scott Verrastro - Polar Satellites MIE 019

We're extremely excited to be releasing Polar Satellites the stunning collaboration by Nathan Bowles (Pelt/Black Twig Pickers) and Scott Verrastro (Kohoutek) in early July on LP and digitally.

Polar Satellites is a mesmerising collection of percussion improvisations performed in duo by Nathan and Scott deep in the winter of 2009 and 2010 with absolutely no overdubs.

Building on the starkness of last years Effigy by Pelt, (recently repressed on MIE), the duo have recorded an even bleaker, more minimal and hermetically vibed record together. Unnerving and hypnotic, Polar Satellites is an intense journey into the unknown, awash with uncategorisable percussive instruments, kalimbas and banjo.

Nathan and Scott first met in Washington D.C when Nathan would sit in on Kohoutek sets. They were brought together as a duo on a track recorded for Three Lobed Records' Jack Rose tribute album and were so struck by the results that they went down to Black Dirt Studios and laid down these tracks with Jason Meagher on engineering, recording and mixing duties. James Plotkin has again done an excellent job on mastering duties. The duo will be doing a short tour on the East Coast this August.

12" + Digital (all formats) - £10
Digital (all formats) - £6
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  1. Asymptotic Gravity I
  2. Enter Thoth
  3. Chakapa Vomit
  4. Asymptotic Gravity II
  5. Circled
  6. Palanquin Opiate
  7. Coach a Dram