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Lejsovka & Freund - Fatal Strategies MIE Distro

We're extremely happy to have 30 copies of Lejsovka & Freund's second LP 'Fatal Strategies' for the UK and EU distroing for the band.

You may know Lejsovka & Freund as Trouble Books, the original band we started the label for, and if not then head over to their site to download any of their back catalogue for free. Then scroll down and listen to the Boiler Room exclusive on 'Nothing, Just Looking at the Moon' from this LP and you'll hopefully be hooked like I was back in 2010.

Here's some words from Keith on the record:

Fatal Strategies is Linda and I’s second album of DIY shitty classical tunes. I’d say it’s a bit more ambitious than Mold on Canvas, though in a similar vein and meant as a companion piece.

We’re beyond excited about how it’s all panned out, hopefully others enjoy it as much. There are some different ideas, allusions, philosophies, and jokes in here but there’s really no need to belabor your listening experience with them. I dunno, feel free to email if you want to talk about something.

We had quite a few more fantastic collaborators this year including string work throughout the album by Yuri Popowycz, Allison Boyt, Natalie Pillsbury, and Andrew Rich; Berlin Community Radio’s ASMR voice (and flowers and bottles) Claire Tolan; Mike Silver (CFCF) adding fretless bass and synthesizer; our frequent helper Mike Tolan contributing a bit of computer processing; and a wonderful interpretation of the Swenson’s Galley Boy recipe by soprano Megan Elk.

Pressing Information

Clear vinyl LP in screen-printed sleeves with a xeroxed book. Limited to 100 copies.

Only 30 copies coming to MIE. Be quick!

Pre-order (due in October sometime)