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Bong - Live at St Mary's Old Church & Burial Ground MIE 014

Recorded live at St Mary’s Old Church & Burial Ground in Stoke Newington, London on the 16th October 2011, the band have laid down what is quite possibly the fullest realisation of their monolithically heavy live shows. Its a juddering juggernaught of crushing intensity, pounding drums thudding their way through beds of gargantuan psych guitar drones, while electrifying sitar collides against booming vocal incantations and lysergic doom heaviness.

Two tracks, Church and Burial, recorded straight from the show. Released in an extremely limited run of 250 LPs and digitally, in stunning front artwork by Lucy Johnson, back cover by Jake Blanchard. Also comes with a screenprinted 12x12 poster with the front cover design.

LP is sold out.
Digital (Lossless to 192kbps) - £5.50


  1. Church
  2. Burial