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Gate 'The Dew Line' MIE 010

Limited edition of 500 2LPs

LP version sold out. Digital now available.

MIE is proud to announce that a grand total of eighteen years after the initial release of The Dew Line we will be re-issuing an expanded and remastered edition of this classic record. Michael Morley has trawled through his extensive collection of unreleased tracks from the original recording period to integrate a further five into the album which has then been resequenced the record to accommodate these new offerings.

In a career spanning an impressive four decades as the revered guitarist and vocalist in The Dead C and the man behind Gate, on which he worked at times with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, Michael Morley has clearly stamped a huge influence on a generation of artists ranging from the classic lo-fi of Sebadoh and Pavement, the psych-rock of Bardo Pond through to the after-noise of Pete Swanson. Despite being a highly influential figure, Michael still remains extremely hard to categorise outside his standing as a pioneering cult individualist of new musical trajectories alongside the likes of Keiji Haino, Jandek and Loren Connors.

"One can only applaud MIE Music for resurrecting this absolute treasure, and continue to absorb the brilliance of Gate’s incendiary, unfathomable and timeless molestation of rock’s archetypes." -The Liminal

"As a guitarist, Michael Morley undertakes a leap of faith similar to that of rugged individualists Keiji Haino and Borbetomagus' Donald Miller, restoring devotion to his archaic instrument's electric threat through the organic mutilation of volume and lethal distortion. A low-tech delay-pedalas-phantom-turbine is his most ubiquitous processor; an analogue synth vibrates oblique planes of sound; songs become dust, dispersed by the mercurial rhythms of undulating mirages." —The Wire

"Napalms the entire history of rock." —Blow-Up


  1. Millions
  2. Needed All Words
  3. Sunshine
  4. Have Not
  5. Ives
  6. Autolevel
  7. Venerable Clouds
  8. Sadness Sings
  9. Bitcher
  10. Tuba Is Funny
  11. Dew Line
  12. Triphammer