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Áine O'Dwyer - Gallarais MIE 045

After releasing the now long sold out and incredible Music for Church Cleaners 2LP a few years ago we're extremely extremely excited to be able to bring to you Áine O'Dwyer's new record 'Gallarais'.

Released on 12" vinyl and digitally, pre-order now for a release 5th August.

Artwork by Áine O'Dwyer.
Released 5th August 2017.

Pressing Information

LP with Digital D/L


  1. Underlight
  2. Corpophone
  3. Grottovox
  4. Mouthtoum
  5. The Dirge
  6. Song of the Yahee People
  7. Hippos Kampos
  8. Beansidhe
  9. Mrs O'Learys Keen
  10. Hounds of Hades