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Lejsovka & Freund - Mold on Canvas MIE/B&H

I'm very happy to be able to distribute to UK and Europe the new record by Lejsovka & Freund, or you might previously know them as Trouble Books, 'Mold on Canvas'.

Released in a run of 100 LPs on clear vinyl with screenprinted sleeves and a xeroxed booklet, and we will have 50 copies to sell so get in quick if you want one.


I suppose an introduction to this new work would be appropriate and maybe helpful…

“Mold on Canvas” is an exploration of ability… trespassing into the academic or classical music world with an amateur’s guess on pushing the right keys, forming the correct embouchure, etc… aided and abetted by bootleg computer programs and freeware to mangle, re-shape, and re-introduce.

But it’s not just about limitations on ability, but also some freedoms… space is cheap in Akron and it’s nice to be able to fit an inherited grand piano into your house… and why should our music sound like it’s coming from a cramped corner of a Brooklyn apartment or made for a Berlin club? These pieces are made by and for the view from huge sunroom windows overlooking a wooded ravine. Hopefully that honesty comes through.

And while we’re being honest, we’re also free to do whatever the fuck we want. We won’t be playing shows, won’t be harboring any illusion of a music “career”... We’ll make these records until interest in our art wanes and then we’ll, I don’t know, work in the garden.

This is a mess. Oh well, we hope people enjoy the record. It’s nice to think you might be able to make a slight improvement to 35 minutes of someone’s life.

- KF, June 2014

Ships mid-late June.

US friends please get it straight from the band,