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Decimus - Navratri / Lakshimi 12" Lathe MIEL 03

The third release in our lathe cut edition and the first by an artist we haven't worked with before, Decimus, and the first 12". Decimus, Pat Murano from the No Neck Blues Band, has been pumping out some of the best dark electronic records we've heard in a long time, check them out over here And these two tunes, spanning 36 mins worth of music, couldn't be more terrifyingly amazing.

The 12" lathe is cut by Peter King in New Zealand, who is using a polycarbonate plastic stronger than vinyl which can exceed 1000 plays without deterioration so not like the lathes of old. The artwork is hand marbled on heavyduty paper.

Cut in a run of 50 it is now sold out physically but available digitally here.


  1. Navratri
  2. Lakshimi