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Trouble Books 'Concatenating Fields LP' MIE/B&H

After last years twice sold out and now long out of print record with Mark McGuire, the guitarist from Emeralds, Trouble Books are about to release 'Concatenating Fields'. Their most accomplished and fully realised work yet, it has everything from the perfect minimal pop song, to Eno like guitar symphonies, to a noise freakout with legendary cult Ohioan noiseniks, Tusco Terror. It's an unbelievable treat for MIE to be working once again with the band and their label, Bark and Hiss, in getting this excellent record out there.

Released in a run of 300 LPs in gatefold sleeves. Mastered by James Plotkin and vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

Physical LP Sold Out
Digital available now..


  1. Monument for D. Flavin
  2. Cocooning
  3. Lurk Underneath
  4. Demagnetizer
  5. Aloft See-Through III
  6. Collapsed Arpeggio
  7. Dead Bee in a Golden Bowl
  8. Posthumous Reflections on Lucky Shirt